29 May 2016

Install Domoticz on Raspberry Pi 3

This article explains how to install Domoticz on Raspberry Pi 3, on Fedora 23 Minimal version (but it should be usable for other distribution).
If you need to install or complete your Raspberry Pi 3 installation on Fedora 23 Minimal version, for the most lightweight, you can read part 1, and part 2 of my articles.

Download the last stable version of Domoticz.
This article will explain how to install the version 3.4834 which is currently the newest one.

Download the version 3.4834 of Domoticz
wget https://github.com/domoticz/domoticz/archive/3.4834.tar.gz -O /tmp/domoticz-3.4834.tar.gz

As root user, you should create a sub-directory for Domoticz installation, and allow your no-root user to work in it
mkdir /opt/domoticz
chown yourUser /opt/domoticz

Install some additional tools
dnf install gcc-c++ cmake curl boost-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel libcurl-devel libusb-devel libstdc++-devel libstdc++-static

All the following instructions can be done with your no-root user.

Uncompress it and prepare environment
cd /opt/domoticz
tar xf /tmp/domoticz-3.4834.tar.gz
ln -s domoticz-3.4834/ domoticz

Tips: the use of a symbolic link to this 'domoticz' to a specific version of Domoticz installation will allow you to switch easily on any newer version, without having to change any environment variable like PATH, in future.

If you want to add support to Zwave, you can follow instructions of my dedicated article to install OpenZWave.
Then, your OpenZWave root directory MUST be reachable via a symbolic link (or real directory), in the parent directory of your domoticz installation, with name open-zwave-read-only.
If you followed my article, you can fit it with these instructions
cd /opt/domoticz/
ln -s /opt/open-zwave/open-zwave open-zwave-read-only

Compile Domoticz
cd /opt/domoticz/domoticz
cmake CMakeLists.txt
make -j 4
You can now launch Domoticz

By default, you can access it via http://rpiIpAddress:8080

Enjoy it ;)

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