23 April 2010

Migrate you URL nicknames from Opera to Firefox

Follow those instructions:
 - under Opera, export your bookmarks (e.g. to /tmp/bookmarks.adr file)
 - into a console, parse the file like that :
cat /tmp/bookmarks.adr |tr -d '\n' |sed -e 's/#/\n/g;' |grep "SHORT NAME" |sed -e 's/.*URL=\([^ \t]*\)[ \t].*SHORT[ ]NAME=\([^ \t]*\)[ \t].*$/\2\t\1/g;' > /tmp/urlAlias.txt
 - under Firefox, go to Preferences of Url Alias add-on
 - copy/paste contents of /tmp/urlAlias.txt in "Configuration" panel

Firefox add-ons providing more or less same Opera functionalities

Those are Firefox add-ons which fit more or less some Opera functionalities I found the most useful:

20 April 2010

Goodbye Opera, Welcome back my Beloved Firefox Web Browser

I'd used Opera from May of 2008 to March of 2010, against my strong philosophy of open-source software use.

Flush a queue of e-mails

For various reasons it's possible that some e-mails are queued (for instance because of issue into an element of a full and safe emails server - e.g. too old packages, broken anti-virus, broken anti-spam ...).

After having fixed the issue, it's interesting to flush all queued e-mails, which can easily be done with the following command:
postqueue -f