14 December 2011

Migrate from SVN to Git

There is lots of article about migration from SVN to Git (a powerful distributed version control system), but I didn't find all needed information in only one.
This is the aim of this article.

Hemera v0.1.5 released

Hemera is a Virtual Intelligent System aggregating some more advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies (speech synthesis, speech recognition, form recognition, motion recognition ...); with applications in daily tasks, domotics and robotics.

13 December 2011

Git, a powerful Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)

In last ten years, we've seen emergence of Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS).
IMO, the noteworthy advantages of a Distributed Version Control System against a Centralized one are:

14 September 2011

Activate logging for Mozilla applications (Firefox, Sunbird, Thunderbird ...).

There is many applications using NSPR, including Mozilla ones (Firefox, Sunbird, Thunderbird ...).
NSPR provides a set of logging functions which can be activated with

Change window behavior to prevent focus stealing (under KDE and Gnome)

Bored of programs stealing focus ?
For instance, you launch an application which takes time to start, you switch to something else to work, and after some time the main window of your just launched program pops up and steals focus (including keyboad ...).

This article gives instructions to change this behavior both under

17 July 2011

Create partition larger than 3TB under GNU/Linux

You may need to create partition larger than about 3TB under GNU/Linux, with recent Hard Disk Drives having great capacity, with RAID configuration ...
Usually to create/manage partition with command line under GNU/Linux, fdisk is very adapted and powerful, but it is unable to create partition greater than 2/3TB (according to version, and architecture ?), because it needs to manage GPT partition (not supported by fdisk).
For that, you can use GNU Parted which is another powerful tool.

Instead of long explanation, this is a concrete example creating a 4TB partition on a RAID 10 (let's call it /dev/md16):
To begin, activate the GPT:
parted /dev/md126 mklabel gpt

Then, create a primary partition with all spaces (4TB):
parted /dev/md126 mkpart primary ext4 0 100%

Finally, formats it (for instance with ext4 and default block size):
mkfs.ext4 -v /dev/md126p1

Manage Intel RAID under GNU/Linux using mdadm tool

You may be interesting to read some history about RAID first.
This article is about managing Intel RAID, with mdadm tool, but some information may apply to others kinds.
To begin, you can find lots of information about RAID under GNU/Linux.

IMPORTANT: for Intel's IMSM support you need at least

RAID 10 on Intel ICH10R under GNU/Linux (including HDD devices on Marvell 88SE9128)

After my experience to setup a RAID 0 on Intel ICH10R Vs Marvell 88SE9128; I've recently experienced the setup of

Some history about Intel RAID under GNU/Linux (dmraid/mdadm)

Although RAID is supported under GNU/Linux since many years, it is not trivial either.
This article is about Intel RAID, but some information may apply to others kinds.

There is at least two tools allowing to manage RAID devices:

3 June 2011

Control your GNU/Bash Prompt

With GNU/Bash, it is easy to control your prompt, defining PS1 (and optionally PS2 to PS4) environment variable.

For better legibility or whatever reason, you may want to

20 April 2011

RAID 0 on Intel ICH10R Vs Marvell 88SE9128

I've recently setup a RAID0 of two SATA 3 (6Gb/s) HDD, on a Asus P6X58D-E.
HDD can not reach theorical efficiencies of SATA 3 because of mechanical limits, but in RAID0 configuration,

1 April 2011

Fix kind of "GLib-GIO:ERROR:gdbusconnection.c:2270:initable_init: assertion failed" issue

When launching some applications (e.g.: emacs, gedit ...) as root user, you may have error message like:
GLib-GIO:ERROR:gdbusconnection.c:2270:initable_init: assertion failed

6 February 2011