29 September 2012

Mount logical volumes (LVM) partition from external Disk

According to OS and configuration, volume may not be automatically activated (e.g. if you have just plugged it in).
In such case, you can

31 August 2012

Resolving name conflict with logical volumes (LVM)

In some situations, you may encounter several volumes (LVM) with same name.
In this case, you can't mount all logical volumes in same time, and you can't use vgrename "OLD NAME" "NEW NAME".
This is an easy solution to

Reboot is allowed even if mdadm is resyncing RAID members

When managing RAID with mdadm tool under GNU/Linux, you may wonder if a restart is possible when resync of members is in progress.

The answer is: YES, it is possible.

After a reboot, the system will continue resyncing members until the end, whatever the count of restart.
It is an useful information when you want continue installing/configuring your OS without having to wait until the end of resync.

29 February 2012

Git - alias to cherry-pick with automatic message

While working with Git, there is situation where you will use git cherry-pick to carry over change from a version to another.
Even if you want to adapt cherry-picked commit messages, it can be done very quickly, if

30 January 2012