31 July 2013

Setup local DNS server to bind ALL subdomains

There is various situation where binding ALL subdomains to a specific applications (local or intranet) can be needed; for instance

2 May 2013

Disable users login during server Maintenance

In some situations, when performing server maintenance, it is needed to ensure no user can login to avoid data loss or interference.
It can be easily done by

26 April 2013

MySQL Innodb disaster recovery

After crash, disk failure ... some MySQL part can be broken.
According to the corruption, there is some solution to recover data.

Google-Chrome extension allowing to ensure autocomplete (and password registration option)

In some situation, according to Web Site configuration, Google-Chrome password management can

18 April 2013

Fix issue with Google +1 button in Google-Chrome Web browser

While using Google-Chrome Web browser, if +1 button does not work when you move mouse hover it, or even when you click on it, it is surely because of

31 March 2013

Fix php memory issue

In some situation, some software (base on PHP) may require more memory (e.g. phpMyAdmin).

It can be fixed by

29 March 2013