23 April 2010

Firefox add-ons providing more or less same Opera functionalities

Those are Firefox add-ons which fit more or less some Opera functionalities I found the most useful:

  - reduce the GUI (hidden menu, not used buttons ...)
Configuration: Show (only) "icons", and "Use small icons"
Add-on: Personal menu

  - create nickname to bookmark and allow quick load
Add-on: url_alias

 - sessions system (set of opened URL and/or Web Browser windows) - save/load; automatic session load when starting Web Browser
Add-on: Session Manager 

- dictionary system while editing

 - speed dial
Add-on: SpeedDial

 - "unwanted blocking system" (pop-ups, pubs, ...)
Add-ons: noscript (very strict), Adblock Plus

 - bookmarks synchronization
Add-on: Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync

 - download to various folder according to file extension
Add-on: Automatic Save Folder

  - left multi-function panel (with the tiniest bar possible)
Add-on: all-in-one_sidebar

There is some functionalities for which I've not found equivalent yet
 - synchronization of speed dial, url_alias, blocked elements ... (and configuration ?) to share with other computers (anyway, it'd never fully worked with Opera under GNU/Linux -> usually duplicate entries creation by the synchronization process itself)
 - per-site configuration (charset encoding, cookies, language ...)
 - attach Javascript code to a button or a menu

To conclude:
  - something very interesting as compromise to automatic synchronization of almost everything : Full profile backup/restore system
Add-on: FEBE
  - improved download notification system
Add-on: Download status bar

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  1. For information, the "Custom Buttons" plugin allows to attach javascript source code.


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