1 September 2007

Create a full and safe emails server under GNU/Linux

Not so easy ? right.
Anyway, almost one year ago, I've successfully followed a very interesting How To Forge Tutorial which allows me to have such a fully functional emails server. Because it is for my own purpose, there is only few users using it, and I so don't know how must it is scalable.

This emails server is very interesting thanks to its completeness and security. The system is compounded of :
- postfix for the MTA layer,
- courier-imap for mailboxes,
- clamAV, openssl, openldap, cyrus-sasl and courier-authlib-mysql for authentication and anti-virus,
- mysql for users configuration and administration,
- spamassassin, dcc, razor, pyzor and amavis-new for spamfilters.

It works perfectly under Fedora core 5, and Fedora core 6 with my additional instructions.
During my documentation research in 2006, I have read articles enough to think that this system should work on several others GNU/Linux distributions, although packages name/configuration may differ.

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  1. There is an equivalent HowToForge Tutorial for Fedora 8:


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