31 August 2012

Reboot is allowed even if mdadm is resyncing RAID members

When managing RAID with mdadm tool under GNU/Linux, you may wonder if a restart is possible when resync of members is in progress.

The answer is: YES, it is possible.

After a reboot, the system will continue resyncing members until the end, whatever the count of restart.
It is an useful information when you want continue installing/configuring your OS without having to wait until the end of resync.


  1. This answer is what I was searching for! Thank you Bertrand.

  2. The same is not true for recovery. Not too sure about rebuild.

  3. Do you have any additional information about that ?

  4. Thank you! So long I searching this answer!

  5. The answer is no, if upgrading the kernel (ie yum update)


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