31 March 2011

Upgrade GNU/Linux Fedora from 10 to 11, 12, 13 and finally 14 (with yum)

To upgrade GNU/Linux Fedora from 10 to 11, 12, 13 and finally 14, there is no problem.
Although the way to upgrade is
the same for legacy End Of Life (EOF) Fedora versions (until 10 included), and for Fedora 11; it is easier from Fedora 12 with new yum options --releasever and distro-sync.

The principle is globally the same when upgrading:
- from Fedora core N to Fedora core N+1 (see this post)
- from Fedora 8 to 9, then 10 (see this post)
- from Fedora core 6 to Fedora 7 then 8 (see this post).

In addition, the recommendations of Fedora project have greatly evolved and are complete.

Ensure there is no dependencies problem like explained into this post.

Then, you should perform a great configuration files merging campaign to ensure having the up to date functionalities while keeping your own specific configuration (globally the XXX.conf and XXX.conf.rpmnew files).

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  1. WARNING: there is some issue with kernel 2.6.35 (coming with Fedora 14) :
    - in some situations (to define ?) kernel 2.6.35 won't boot, complaining about "no root device found", and "Boot has failed, sleeping forever"
    There is lots of articles about that on web.
    I've not found a workaround for my "situation".


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