14 March 2011

Google Chrome - some more interesting extensions

Looking for Google Chrome extensions, I've found some additional ones very interesting (equivalent may exist in other Web browsers but it is not the subject of this post).

To begin, the fact that extensions can be installed very quickly and without restarting the Web browser is something very appreciate.
In addition, each extension usually adds a single little button in toolbar, which is very interesting to have quick access information/functionality, without reducing legibility of the whole Web browser, adding lots of tool bars every where ...

To have some counters in toolbar:
 - Mail Checker for Google Mail™
 - Google Reader Notifier

To manage (too) many tabs:
 - TooManyTabs

Some others:
 - Google Dictionary -> quick terms' definition as tooltip
 - Status-bar Calculator -> small robust calculator
 - The best price -> automatic price comparator

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