16 July 2010

Improving efficiencies of OCZ SSD Vertex under Windows Seven

Following my post about SSD, this one is dedicated to OCZ SSD Vertex efficiencies optimization under Windows Seven.
One of the latest improvements of SSD management was the addition of TRIM support. Interesting, but not enough

Comparing to various concurrents, OCZ is very active to improve their products, for instance offering Firmware upgrade regularly (about 3 in less than 1 year).
From the Firmware 1.4, they added support to TRIM.
But they have been much further from the Firmware 1.5, including their Garbage Collection technology (in fact it was included to Firmware 1.4.1 too, but it was exclusive with TRIM support); improved with Firmware 1.6.

In my case, the Firmware 1.5 was an incredible solution, finally allowing my SSD to reach almost the theoretical efficiencies (230MB/s in read, and 130MB/s in write).

However, there was still something to do.
Because of all my tests for improving efficiencies, including those tuning instructions, older versions of my SSD Firmware created meta-data which were now useless.
I don't know every available solution for this, but there is an absolute one which gives 100% success.
It consists to fully remove all meta-data of the SSD (obviously all data are then lost), like it was just out of the box; this operation is called Sanitary Erase.

If there is already something on the SSD (which will usually be the case), you should use a disk/partition cloner to backup/restore; like PING (free), or Acronis (proprietary).

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  1. Really Interesting, I'll try this, thx :)


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