23 February 2008

Fix empty /var/log/boot.log file issue

The local7 facility is used to write into the /var/log/boot.log file.
But since the Fedora core 4, the system has been disabled waiting for a new generation system which does not seem to be available yet (see this bug report and this one)

A quick way to fix the empty /var/log/boot.log file, is to edit the /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions file.
Into the success, failure, passed and warning functions, you can add a line like the following, just before the return instruction:
/usr/bin/logger -p local7.info "$1"

It works but each time the initscripts package is updated, it is needed to edit the file ...


  1. Good job and thank you.

    There is not as much info. in boot.log as I thought there would be. CentOS 5.x (basically Redhat) had an Error Log available in the menu under Applications - System Tools - System Logs. Fedora 9 only provides Cups Errors. Do you know anything about enabling system wide, or boot error logging in Fedora 9?

    Thanks again, Tim

  2. Thanks tim valentine.
    Unfortunately, I do not know anything else yet to get more information.
    As soon as I found a solution, I'll post another message and inform you.

  3. I will check back from time to time in case you find a solution. I have no further information regarding this topic either.


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