17 November 2007

Hang problems under GNU/Linux Fedora 8

It seems there is several situations leading to kernel hang under GNU/Linux Fedora 8.
The bug 283161 report gives lots of information about solution.
For instance, this is kernel options which can be used (not all together):
- nohz=off highres=off
- clocksource=acpi_pm
- nolapic_timer

Unfortunately, I have tests all "sets" but without success.
Lots of tests and several discussions lead mind to potential graphical driver issue.
As soon as I have replaced use of radeon by vesa, I had no more problem (but I have had no time enough to keep on testing).
To benefit from my graphical card efficiencies, I have installed the last Fedora 7 radeon drivers version and have still no more issue (after having switched back use of those radeon drivers).

This is only a temporarily fix until an official solution is given.
I will report as soon as I would know about it.

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