17 July 2011

RAID 10 on Intel ICH10R under GNU/Linux (including HDD devices on Marvell 88SE9128)

After my experience to setup a RAID 0 on Intel ICH10R Vs Marvell 88SE9128; I've recently experienced the setup of
a RAID 10 on Intel ICH10R, using the mdadm tool.

To begin, I've never succeeded to install a bootable Operating System directly on the RAID (tested with Fedora 12, Fedora 13, Fedora 14, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Mandriva 2010.1).
So I added an additional HDD device dedicated to the OS, that I plugged on the Marvell 88SE9128 (at the moment, it was more easy with cables).
This time, the OS was bootable, but asap there was more or less I/O stress on drives (OS or RAID ones), the system failed with lots of severe I/O errors, and eventually one of the RAID HDD was declared offline (although it was healthy).

As soon as I plugged all the HDD devices on the Intel ICH10R controller (and after a last OS installation ...), everything became perfect : very efficient and very stable with absolutely no I/O error whatever the stress.
For information, there is no problem with optical devices on the Marvell 88SE9128 controller.

Like in my last article on this subject, I can only conclude that if ever there is a RAID configuration on a system, no HDD devices should be plugged to the Marvell 88SE9128 controller; otherwise the system will be strongly instable and will eventually fail.

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