14 March 2011

Comparing some default and additional functionalities of Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Some months ago, I've posted "Firefox add-ons providing more or less same Opera functionalities"; this time, I'll compare Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera functionalities.

The comparison is based on functionalities I find the most useful:
  - reduce the GUI (hidden menu, not used buttons ...)
Firefox: Add-on: Personal menu add-on
Google Chrome: default
Opera: Configuration: Show (only) "icons", and "Use small icons"

  - create nickname to bookmark and allow quick load
Firefox: Add-on: url_alias add-on
Google Chrome: Alias Links extension
Opera: embedded

 - sessions system (set of opened URL and/or Web Browser windows) - save/load; automatic session load when starting Web Browser
Firefox: Add-on: Session Manager add-on
Google Chrome: Session Manager extension
Opera: embedded

- dictionary system while editing
Firefox: embedded
Google Chrome: embedded
Opera: embedded

 - speed dial
Firefox: SpeedDial add-on
Google Chrome: SpeedDial extension
Opera: embedded

 - "unwanted blocking system" (pop-ups, pubs, ...)
Firefox: noscript add-on (very strict), Adblock Plus add-on
Google Chrome: Adblock & Adblock Plus extensions
Opera: embedded

 - bookmarks synchronization
Firefox: Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync add-on
Google Chrome: embedded
Opera: embedded

 - download to various folder according to file extension
Firefox: Automatic Save Folder add-on
No equivalent found.

  - left multi-function panel (with the tiniest bar possible)
Firefox: all-in-one_sidebar add-on
Google Chrome: no equivalent found yet
Opera: embedded

 - attach Javascript code to a button or a menu
Firefox: all-in-one_sidebar add-on
Google Chrome: no equivalent found yet (may be Stylish extension)
Opera: embedded

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  1. Nice comparison. Firefox 4 is not stable. I'll try that.


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