25 October 2009

Stop polling for incoming e-mails

Unfortunately, it seems there are lots of us (computer users) polling for incoming e-mails very, very often; like if a very important thing might be received and to be answered almost immediately.

It can be a very important efficiency loss, because the user cannot focus on his current task.
Although that seems obvious, I've recently realized that it was also my case only after having read an interesting article about that.

Since some weeks, I've seriously changed my way to manage incoming e-mails:
- no more polling
- I've disabled all kind of notification of my e-mailer (no more popup which can be disturbing)
- I've disabled the automatic "read mark" to remove the pressure to answer as soon as possible when I finally check my e-mails.

It's little things but at the end it gives interesting results.
Yes, I answer e-mails later, but there is no dead, no fire, no tsunami, no storm ... and among all others, it gives me more opportunity to focus on my work, and so to be more efficient.

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